Favourite Links


Here are some links we feel are important:

  1. Well for one, you can send us an email
  2. Get your Hosting Account from MarkGilchrist.com
  3. Check your eMAIL
  4. You can Test your internet connection ('cause Rogers lies)
  5. Kick SPAM's butt - SPAMhaus
  6. Work with Photoshop (Training, Blur)
  7. Whois tools & Google
  8. Use Apple products
  9. Tina Seelig is one smart cookie. $5 & 2hrs.
  10. Never trust Google OR their "Cloud"
  11. Why Windoze users are starting to annoy me...


Here are the clients we have worked with recently - They love us, just ask 'em!

  1. Visit the giant redwoods when in California with Tom's Muir Woods Walking Tour
  2. Know the Truth about NASA, space & politics as told by Linda Billings PH.D.
  3. The President of ACTRA Toronto - Heather Allin




A brief video introduction to Agile Development Practices. (SCRUM)